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¤EPII_TITLE¤ "Sykkylven is, perhaps the loveliest of all Sunnmøre's landscapes. What makes it so is not easy to say - it is not the fjords, not the mountains, not the glaciers, not the valley, but a blend of all these.... Nothing is allowed to thrust itself to the fore at the expense of the others".
Kr. Randers (1890)
Sykkylven is a fjordside district where the friendly, varied scenery of Sunnmøre merges to form a harmonious whole. The narrowness of the innermost recesses of the fjord gives way to the flat and fertile floor of the Velledal valley, its tiny rural communities dwarfed by the mountain ramarts hemming them in, ramparts that become higher, wilder and more imposing the further inland one goes. Best know of the peaks that make up this mountain realm, a paradise for all with its ice-blue glaciers, crystal-clear lakes and lofty crags and pinnacles, are Trollkyrkja, Råna and Blåbretindane. At the head of Sykkylvsfjord lies the little village of Straumgjerde, with the majestic bulk of Mt. Straumshorn looming large to the east. Linking Lake Fetvatn with the fjord is the fastflowing Straumen river, "the shortest salmon river in the world". In summer its banks are lined with fishermen eager to try their luck, but all the local rivers and lakes, like the fjord itself, offer good fishing. Sandwiched between the Velledal and Ramstaddal valleys is Fjellseter, an expanse of countryside that embraces Lake Nysetervatn and which offers abundant opportunities for outdoor pursuits summer and winter alike. Gentle, open and varied, this area provides something for everyone. In winter a skitow takes skiers up to an altitude of 750 meters a.s.l. to enjoy the thrills of the slalom course and piste, but there are miles of gentler slopes and rolling mountain moorland, covered by a web of wellmaintained trails, to delight the touring and crosscountry skier. The population of Sykkylven is about 7,500, with light industry, the service trades and farming providing the principal means of livelihood. Furniture making is the main industrial occupation, and both in Norway and abroad the local factories are noted for the quality and attractive design of their products. Aure, seat of local government, is the urban centre and offers banking and postal facilities, a travel agency, a hotel, a natural history museum and a wide range of shops.

Welcom to Sykkylven.


Møre og Romsdal





Administrative centre


Mayor (2012)

Petter Lyshol (H)

Official language form


- Total
- Land
- Percentage

Ranked 260
338 km²
328 km²
0.10 %

- Total (2004)
- Percentage
- Change (10 years)
- Density

Ranked 132
0.16 %
6.3 %


62°22'N 6°38'E

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